Dr. T. Ashton Blessey

Internal Medicine

American Board of Internal Medicine

M.D., BS Microbiology


Springhill Medical Center, A.M.A.

Diabetes, Hypertension, Hospital Care

Dr. T. Ashton Blessey specializes in internal medicine. He is a physician with Springhill Physician Practices on the campus of Springhill Medical Center. Dr. Blessey solves difficult diagnostic problems, sometimes stemming from different illnesses at the same time.

Community Activities:
Supports St. Thomas Catholic Church

What makes you and/or your practice unique?
I give personal attention to the human condition. I have the ability to schedule patients for same-day appointments and accept walk-ins.

Mission Statement:
To be the best healthcare provider in Mobile, where patients, physicians and payers can rely on our outstanding staff to efficiently provide health care that is unmatched in quality, convenience, and benefit of use in a courteous and family oriented manner.

What do you want to tell the public about you and/or your practice?
I specialize in the practice of internal medicine and give personal attention to the human condition. Patients benefit from the convenience of having their x-rays, lab work & prescriptions all within the same location.

Best advice you can give:
Patients get better by doing the boring things well.

Who inspires you?
What inspires me is to help others.